Sweet Sweet Ice-Cream

by Haneem
(South Africa, Durban)

There I was sitting on a chair
wondering what to eat and wear
until I found this marvelous treat
and my heart suddenly stopped to beat.
my eyes were in sight
my nose was tingling
to see what a lovely treat tonight
an ice-cream so bright and tastes so nice
with a sprinkle of chocolate bites
and as I was going to eat the treat
I found a squirrel running in the streets
and I asked the squirrel
what are you doing?
and he was busy doing some pooping!!
as the squirrel approached me
he said, "Can I have a little piece?"
so I decided to say yes
'cause he looked so cute and fuzzy
oh, come on, just a little more
and as I was giving the squirrel my ice-cream
he jumped up and started to scream
I said, "Whats wrong little squirrel?"
" Oh this tastes so good while I twirl."
so he grabbed my ice-cream and ran away
to the bay, and I was so ashamed
to see that a squirrel stole my supper
and went hopping on my bumper car
and that was the end of my sweet ice-cream
only to know that it was just a dream

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Feb 05, 2013
Crazy Squirrel
by: Mama Freak (Ice Cream Freaks)

Haneem, what a crazy and cute poem! The squirrel and ice cream is not that unusual. I've seen pictures on the internet and videos of squirrels stealing ice cream from people. Your squirrel is more polite.

Thank you for sharing your creative poem with us.

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