"Spaghetti Eis -
A Fun And Unexpected Ice Cream Sundae!".

Spaghetti Eis (spaghetti ice cream) has been a popular dessert in Germany for many years.

When I was a kid in Germany (27 years ago), we would run to the ice cream truck just like kids in the U.S. The only difference was the quality of ice cream served. In Germany, the truck was like a parlor on wheels. The ice cream was so good! Always fresh and hand scooped. I think it was actually Italian style (gelato) which has less cream than American style. More flavor too.

My favorite was Erdbeer Eis (strawberry ice cream), but I wouldn't pass up the chance to have some Spaghetti Eis when my dad was there to buy it. (I think it was his favorite.)

Although, it is typically served in Eiscafes and restaurants, I had only eaten it from the truck. The man was so nice too. Whenever our dog was with us, he would drop a scoop on the ground for her.

You know, Baskin Robbin's has a new strawberry sorbet that kind of reminds me of my favorite strawberry eis. It's a Bright choices flavor. You should try it.

The Fun Part: Eating IT

The day before one daughter's birthday, I surprised her with some Spaghetti Eis for an after school snack.

Then, for her birthday the next day, I got a little carried away with the size of the neopolitan ice cream cake I made for her party. Good thing we had 20 + people there to help us eat it.

Spaghetti Ice Cream Sundae Recipe

All Ingredients:

Noodles: vanilla ice cream or gelato (don't use a premium ice cream or one that has more than 10% milkfat. Also, avoid products with a lot of added gums.( I used Breyer's All Natural Vanilla)

Sauce: strawberries- frozen or fresh

sweetener- agave nectar, corn syrup, or simple syrup (according to taste)

1 6oz. jar Smucker's strawberry topping (optional-helps with flavor and color)

Cheese: white chocolate (I only grated 2 white chocolate chips on top of my sundae)

Meatballs: (optional- cooled brownies rolled into 1 in. balls or use Ferrero Rocher hazelnut balls)

chilled plate

spaghetti ice cream maker or potato ricer (for noodles)

cheese grater (for cheese)

First place a serving plate and the potato ricer in the freezer for at least 1 hour. ( I actually have not tried using a potato ricer, but others have. I have a spaghetti ice cream maker that was a gift to me a couple years ago. You can also make lasagna or asparagus ice cream with it. But, if you already own a potato ricer, you could try using it first.)

Make the sauce:

Puree at least 1 cup of fresh or frozen strawberries in a blender.

Sweeten to taste with any of the sweeteners mentioned above.

Mix in strawberry topping if desired. Chill in refrigerator.

30 minutes before serving, put the carton of ice cream into the refrigerator to soften. (It is ready when it is easily scooped.)

Next, Remove chilled plate and potato ricer from freezer.

Scoop ice cream into the ricer and pack it down. Using a fork, break it up a little more to make it evenly soft.

Put a bed of whipped cream on the chilled plate if desired. (This is how most places in Germany will serve it.)

Holding the potato ricer over the serving plate, press down and let the eis noodles fall in a pile.

Now, put some sauce on top, a few "meatballs", add a little more sauce, then grate some white chocolate over the Spaghetti Eis.

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