Ways To Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

Yes, July is a very special month in the U.S.A. It's the month we celebrate our independence. And, since 1984, it's the month we celebrate America's favorite dessert - ICE CREAM!

Thank you to President Ronald Reagan for designating July as, National Ice Cream Month and the third sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day.

According to President Reagan, we should celebrate with "appropriate ceremonies and activities."

So, I've come up with a list of ideas that I feel are appropriate for the occasion.

Fun Ice Cream Activities For July

  • Have an ice cream party.

  • Make some homemade ice cream

  • Play some ice cream games

  • Decorate your own ice cream bowl.

  • Read some ice cream books to your kids. (Check out at the library or read at a book store)

  • Color some ice cream coloring pages or draw pictures of ice cream.

  • Write a poem or story about ice cream.

  • Watch some movies with ice cream scenes

  • Make instruments with empty ice cream cartons. (This means you get to eat the ice cream first. Yeah!)

  • Make an ice cream mobile with empty cartons from your favorite flavors.

  • Design an ice cream flag to wave on that special day.

  • Serve a giant ice cream sundae in a clean brand new raingutter. Invite neighbors to help you eat it.

  • Eat a different flavor of ice cream each day of the month. You might discover a new favorite.

Have a great time celebrating!

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