Mexican Chocolate ice cream by Thimble Cakes

by sunny maya
(ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Thimble Cakes of Ottawa, Ontario has set my gold standard of which all ice creams are to be measured against. Their Mexican Chocolate ice cream is mind blowing good. The pure whipping cream base leaves a coating of pure cream on your tongue and palate. This is the first time I have ever had "mouth feel" of cream from eating ice cream. It is that rich. Mexican chocolate flavour is cocoa mixed with a slight hint of chili pepper. This treat is made right in the shop with the best ingredients and smooth without any ice crystals.

A bit about me, I love food and enjoy writing consumer reviews for websites. I am not paid but if I get the occasional free snack, I'm happy.

This ice cream sells for a premium price, but is well worth it for it's high quality of ingredients and production. It also is gluten free as all excellent pure ice creams should be. No fillers of crap to thicken it. Perfection cannot be perfected any more. When I have an ice cream craving, this ice cream will be the image in my mind. Come to Ottawa to enjoy! Their website is

written by a Foodie, Sunny Maya

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Aug 01, 2011
Chocolate with Chili Peppers...mmmm!
by: Mama Freak (Ice Cream Freaks)

Wish I could go to New York to try this! Those of you who live close enough to go are lucky.

Mexican chocolate ice cream with chili pepper makes my mouth water. I'm pretty sure it would taste as good as you described it, Sunny Maya. Thanks for making us aware of it.

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