Ice Cream Limericks

Limericks are funny poems with a specific rhyming and rhythm pattern.

The Old Ice Cream Man

There once was an old ice cream man
who thought he had a brilliant plan.
To increase his money,
he'd also sell honey.
But the kids saw the bees, and ran!

by Dessa Lim

Sly Slick

A girl eating ice cream got tricked
by her own sneaky dog named Slick.
When she wasn't looking,
Sly Slick started licking,
Then all that was left was the stick.

by Dessa Lim

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A limerick is a funny poem consisting of 5 lines. In lines 1, 2, and 5, the last words rhyme. Lines 3 and 4 have last words that rhyme with each other.

The rhythm pattern is the same for lines 1, 2, and 5. They each contain 8 or 9 syllables with the stress accent (down beat) on syllables 2, 5, and 8. For lines 3 and 4, there are 5 or 6 syllables with the stress accents on syllables 3 and 6.

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Ice Cream Dream 
Ice cream, oh ice cream, the cream, what a dream. Singing and sleeping, wait...wheres my thinking? Ice cream is neat, its so very sweet! Eat all …

There once was a girl named Fay Who wanted to increase her pay So she started to make caffeine in her ice cream But now she lives so very far away …

How To Sit On Cow 
I want to sit on a cow but I don't know how one boy is playing and he was saying you should do now

Clodagh eats ice cream because I know her 
Clodagh Clodagh, a girl who loves ice cream. She is as sweet as ice cream. And you know how you get hyper when you eat ice cream she is as hyper a as big …

My Lovely Ice Cream 
I buy an ice cream in a shop - any, but only with my money, I like it very much, I feel it cold when I touch, someone eats it in my house whose name …

Ring-Tring Ring-Tring goes the bell! The ice cream man says ice cream ,ice cream as well Market to market. Place to place goes the ice cream man, Going …

My Favorite Ice Cream 
I like ice cream. When I see it, I scream. Mint is the best. All of the rest, Smell like sunscreen!

A lovely dream 
Last night I had a lovely dream I ate a hill made of ice-cream When it suddenly vanished I was banished And my whole body formed steam I went into …

ice cream 
Ice cream is so very yummy. It obviously satisfied my tummy, so I tried the jellified flavor ice cream that made my tummy hmm with yummy.

The Dog 
There once was a dog named Dream Dream married Ice Cream With a spoon and a knife He took her life Oh that poor little ice cream!

Ice Cream Not rated yet
Ice cream is a delicious delight I eat it almost every night thats probably why my weight is so high but I wont stop eating one bite

Ice Cream Colours Not rated yet
We have ice cream, the best in town, Let us begin with chocolate brown. Now, let us scoop us some bubble-gum pink, It is sweet and yummy, the best, …

Ice cream is so yummy Not rated yet
Ice cream is so yummy in my tummy. It makes me Tickle and ickele. I wonder what's the best out Of the rest. It's just like an ice cream fest.

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