Inventor Of Ice Cream
Writing Projects

Becoming an inventor of ice cream is fun with these ice cream themed writing projects.

These are my original ideas. They are writing assignments I would have enjoyed as an elementary student. Whether you have a large classroom or small homeschool, you can use these ideas to create an exciting project.

After all, how many kids do you know that don't love ice cream?

Feel free to use the ideas as is, or change them according to your needs and what your focus is. (ie. using metaphor, similie, imagery, etc.)

Project 1 ~My Ice Cream Identity~

A "getting to know you" project

Part 1- Describing Yourself

  • Write down all of your qualities.
  • What is your personality like? Describe yourself in detail.
  • What are your interests? Your favorites?

Part 2- Inventing The Ice Cream

This is where you get to become an inventor of ice cream.

  • Create an ice cream flavor that reflects your personality, interests, and qualities.
  • Draw and color a picture of your ice cream and give it a name.
  • List the ingredients and write a description of your flavor.

Part 3- Reveal Your Ice Cream Flavor

  • Trade your project with a classmate, and read to the class what he/she wrote. OR Put Projects on display around the room.

Project 2 ~Become a "Healthy" Ice Cream Inventor~

A large ice cream company has asked you to invent an ice cream that is a "complete meal".

Your job is to:

  • Create a healthy new ice cream using the basic food groups. (Refer to a food pyramid as a guide.)
  • Draw a picture of your flavor and give it a name and a description. (You could even design a label to go on the ice cream carton.)
  • Include the nutritional information: ingredients, calories, sugars, protein, serving size, etc. (This is for fun; it doesn't have to be accurate.)
  • Present this new flavor to the company (your class) on a posterboard.
  • Tell them all about your new ice cream flavor using the information on the posterboard.
  • Tell them why buying your ice cream would be a "healthy" choice.
  • Try to get them to want to buy it.