Hotdog Ice Cream Sundae Recipe

This ice cream sundae recipe is a fun treat for an April Fools Day joke and is great for a Super Bowl party too.

All Ingredients For Making One Hotdog Ice Cream Sundae:

A frozen Twinkie(R)

2 scoops raspberry sorbet (you won't actually use all of it)

lemon pie filling (dilute with a little water until consistency of mustard)

very red colored seedless strawberry jam thinned a little with strawberry syrup (consistency of ketchup)

1/4 of diced green licorice straw (relish)

Seneca Apple Chips(R) (to serve on the side like potato chips)


two squeeze bottles

1 zip top freezer bag

scotch tape


serving plate


ice cream scoop


Prepare the condiments first, by dicing the green licorice straw "relish" and setting it aside.

Next, mix up the strawberry "ketchup" and lemon "mustard". Put some in each bottle. Squirt a little out to see if it is the right consistency. If still too thick, add a little more water to the lemon filling and strawberry syrup to the strawberry jam. If it is too thin, do the opposite and add more lemon filling or jam to the bottles.

Take the Twinkie out of the freezer and cut it lengthwise half way through making sure you don't cut it all the way in half.
Set it on the serving plate.

Now, tape one corner of the freezer bag a couple times to reinforce it. Snip off part of the corner to make a hole the diameter of a hotdog. Put two scoops of raspberry sorbet in the bag. Carefully pipe out the ice cream into the Twinkie(R) bun.

Squirt on the "ketchup" and "mustard". Top with some "relish" and put the hotdog in the feezer until ready to eat. Right before serving, place some apple chips on the plate.

Another great April Fools dessert is Spaghetti Ice Cream.

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