Ice Cream Song : Down Down Baby - From The Movie "Big"

It amazes me that as much as I have seen the movie "Big", this funny little ice cream song chanted by Tom Hanks (Josh) and Jared Rushton (Billy) has not been permanently implanted in my brain. (The fast pace could be the reason.)

Well, I couldn't resist watching it again to try to figure out exactly what the ice cream lyrics are.

Good thing I'm a pretty good lip reader, because there are a couple of words that are difficult to hear correctly.

If you have the movie, you should watch it again. This song is done once in the beginning when Josh is still small and walking down the street with his best friend, Billy. Then, in another scene where Josh is big, he does the chant to convince Billy that it is really him.

The space goes...

down down baby, down down the roller coaster.

Sweet sweet baby, sweet sweet don't let me go.

shimmy shimmy coco pop, shimmy shimmy rock,

shimmy shimmy coco pop, shimmy shimmy rock

I met a girlfriend- a triscuit,

she said a triscuit-a biscuit,

ice cream soda pop

vanilla on the top

oooo Shalida, walking down the street,

ten times a week

I meant it. I said it.

I stole my mama's credit.

I'm cool. I'm hot.

Sock you in the stomach three more times.

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