Ice Cream Reviews: Looking for Some Great Dairy Free Ice Cream?
Come With Me to Turtle Mountain Where the Ice Cream is Purely Decadent.

These ice cream reviews were really fun to do. And, I have to say, I've been pretty impressed by the Purely Decadent flavors that I have tried.

They are the "premium" of the non-dairy ice creams. And, since I am not allergic to any foods, and I am still able to have dairy in small quantities (believe it or not, I'm becoming lactose intolerant), I compare these flavors with regular "premium" flavors. The texture is creamy and smooth, the flavors are delicious, and the packaging is beautiful.

Cookie Dough (made with soy):

Very smooth and creamy (including the cookie dough). The ice cream doesn't have an overwhelming soy flavor, which is great. There is just the right amount of cookie dough too.

When I first tasted this, I couldn't believe how good it was. (No wonder it took me a couple trips to the store before I could get my hands on it.)

To top it all, it is not only dairy free, but it is also gluten free. How many ice creams can you say that about?

Pomegranate Chip (made with soy):

My daughter picked this flavor to try. She surprised me, because she normally doesn't enjoy chocolate in her ice cream. It must have been the pink color of the pomegranate ice cream that won her over.

We finished the whole pint on the hour long drive back home. (My husband was driving, while I spoon fed him and scooped ice cream into little cups for two of my kids in the back seat.) Needless to say, it did not take an hour to finish it off.

The flavor was amazing and reminded us of the dark chocolate raspberry creams that we often buy at See's Candies.

The chocolate flakes were distributed well; I got some in every bite. We couldn't even tell this was a soy ice cream. Definitely buying this again!

Mint Chip (made with coconut milk - dairy free, soy free):

I'll admit, this particular flavor didn't quite meet my expectations. Everything else like texture and amount of chocolate flakes was perfect. But, for me, the flavor was a little off. Not what I was expecting.

I knew it was coconut milk based, but didn't expect it to have such a strong coconut flavor (especially in a mint ice cream).

However, the kids enjoyed it. Their taste buds haven't had time to develop as much as mine.

Still, I'm curious to see if the other flavors made with coconut milk please me.

Cookie Dough (made with coconut milk - dairy free, gluten free):

Not bad, but the coconut flavor is still very noticeable. I prefer the soy cookie dough to this one.

Still, some of my kids really enjoyed it.

Snickerdoodle (dairy free):

This definitely tastes like a snickerdoodle. The cinnamon non-dairy frozen dessert is very creamy and sweet. Too sweet for me, I think.

However, my little taste tester didn't share my opinion. She gobbled down a third of the container all the time telling me "it tastes like cinnamon toast." (We use tapioca bread to make her cinnamon toast since she is allergic to wheat.)

This product doesn't say wheat free or gluten free (My daughter can actually tolerate a little gluten).

But, I checked the ingredients on the carton anyway and didn't find wheat or anything else she's allergic to. She had no problems eating it.

For those who can't have gluten, beware: there must be gluten in it since it isn't labeled gluten free.

Stay tuned for more of our ice cream reviews.

Visit for their Purely Decadent and other dairy free reviews. They have dairy free ice cream reviews of other brands as well as Purely Decadent.

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