Ice Cream Reviews: To Buy Ben and Jerrys New Flavors
Or Not to Buy?

These Ben and Jerrys ice cream reviews were written by Cathy Carmode Lim (the Mama Freak's sister-in-law)

Imagine Whirled Peace:

Contains the best of what Ben and Jerry does: creamy, flavorful ice cream and big chewy chunks. It succeeds!

The chewy toffee-cookie chunks even have bits of crunchy candy toffee inside, so there’s smooth mixed with chewy, laced with crunchy.

A wonderful explosion of textures for your mouth to celebrate!

One Cheesecake Brownie:

Smooth, rich and velvety, with a pronounced cheesecake flavor. And the brownie chunks inside are chewy and as usually done by Ben and Jerry.

The cheesecake flavor has a bit of a tart taste; almost like a fresh cream cheese. The brownies are good but aren’t necessarily any better than any other ice cream brands’ brownies.

Made to promote the unified group for ending poverty. But probably not a flavor that all could agree on liking.

Cake Batter:

Sorry no picture

Very smooth and cake batter-y. And trust me, I’ve baked a lot of cakes and tasted a lot of batter. But definitely tastes more like cake batter from an instant mix than from scratch. Has that distinct flavor of yellow cake mix.

Chocolate frosting mixed in tastes fairly much like frosting – once again, more like out of a can than homemade.

Would be even better if it had some kind of chunks in it – perhaps nuts or sprinkles?

The folowing ice cream reviews were written by the Mama Freak.

Magic Brownies:

This really hit the spot for me. I love the creamy black raspberry ice cream with the gooey fudge brownie pieces.

The sweet cream ice cream could have been left out, in my opinion. I would've been content with just the raspberry flavor and maybe a little bit more chocolate in some form.

Although, I will definitely be buying this again.

Mission To Marzipan:

An "out of this world" flavor! Everybody who tried it in my family loved it.

If you are a fan of marzipan, you have got to try this new Ben and Jerrys flavor. The almond flavor is very pronounced (which I think is perfect).

But, beware: the ribbon of marzipan makes it pretty sweet and the almond cookies are a little soggy. However, still worth buying.

Triple Caramel Chunk:

Sorry No Picture

Okay caramel freaks! This is right up your alley.

The caramel flavor of the ice cream is very nice and subtle (not too sweet either), there is a river of caramel swirled into the ice cream, and plenty of chocolate covered caramel chunks. I think you will be very pleased with this new Ben and Jerrys flavor.

Mint Chocolate Cookie:

Yes, I know this is not a "new" flavor, but it was for me. I hadn't tried it.

Anyway, it was good but not the kind of mint flavor that I like in a mint cookie ice cream. This is more of a peppermint and I prefer creme de menthe with chocolate sandwich cookies.

Strawberry Kiwi Swirl

Sorry No Picture

Refreshing and yummy sorbet.

There's no dairy, so my allergic daughter was able to try it too. She gives her approval and so do I.

It's sweet, fruity, pretty, and the flavors just pop. Love it and I will be buying it again.

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