Ice Cream - Galactic Peacemaker

by Jim Johnson
(Birmingham, Alabama, USA)

Ice Cream - The Galactic Peace-maker

Never had ice cream?

Oh my, how sad.

Are you some alien

From the planet of Gad?

Give up ideas,

Of conquest and killin’

And join me with some

Of this stuff that I’m chillin’

It will mellow you out,

Make you forget about war,

Just give it a try and,

I know you’ll want more.

What’s that you say?

(I speak Gad by the way),

It’s the best food you’ve eaten,

In many a day.

Well, then you must know,

There are actually more flavors,

Not just peach,

Which this Earth-person favors.

Take some back with you,

Back to the fleet,

Along with the recipe,

And some peaches so sweet.

I’m sure that you,

And the rest of the Gadians,

Will soon forget about,

(What rhymes with Gadians?)

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