Ice Cream Dream

by Kimberlie

Ice cream, oh ice cream,
the cream, what a dream.
Singing and sleeping,
wait...wheres my thinking?

Ice cream is neat,
its so very sweet!
Eat all you want,
just don't curl in a knot.

Moms says "you've got to eat something other than ice cream!"
I say,"Its ice cream or death, take it or leave!"
Each bight, each lick,
yes it is slick.

When i am bored and i know it i eat it,
even if my brothers have a total fit.
The freezer that was once full,
has now dropped to low.

I day dream, I whip cream,
but that does not come close to the ice cream.
I only buy 4 buckets a week,
most would consider me a ice cream freak!

When i scream it usually goes...
"I scream, we all scream, everyone wants some ICE CREAM!"
But don't get discouraged,
there is always enough........for only ME!

Ice cream is the answer,
No matter what the question may be!

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Feb 20, 2017
Sweet Dreams
by: Mama Freak (Ice Cream Freaks)

I agree with you that ice cream is always the answer and that you are definitely an Ice Cream Freak! Thanks for sharing your creative poem and your excitement about ice cream with the rest of the Ice Cream Freaks. And, happy sweet (ice cream) dreams!

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