Healthy Ice Cream Recipes Made In 30 Seconds

Healthy ice cream recipes? Hard to believe that you can make healthy ice cream at home almost instantly using a blender?

Well, I have to tell you that a "regular" blender won't do the job. For a job such as this, you need a high powered blender.

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I have a Vitamix blender that I use to make my healthy, almost instant ice creams ( and some not-so-healthy ones too).

I call it my "secret weapon" because I use it to sneak in vegetables for my family. (Although, it isn't much of a "secret" to them anymore because they are now accustomed to drinking green smoothies and are aware that they have leafy greens in them.)

What I like most about using my vitamix to make ice cream, is that it can pulverize whole foods (including the seeds) making the ice cream very smooth.

The seeds contain nutrients that are not accessible to our bodies by just chewing. However, the vitamix breaks through the cell walls of the seeds and makes the nutrients available to us.

you are getting the benefit of the whole food and all the vitamins and fiber it has to offer. And, if you add a little bit of vegetables, how healthy is that?

The real reason I bought one was to make homemade smoothies for my daughter who is allergic to milk and various other foods.

We were spending a lot of money at smoothie shops and didn't have complete control over the ingredients.
One time, the order was confused and she was given a smoothie that had milk in it. Yes, it sometimes happens. We are all human. (We still buy them occasionally when we're traveling.)

Find out more about what the vitamix can do.

Fast And Healthy Ice Cream Recipes Index

Dairy Ice Creams

30 Second Strawberry Ice Cream
30 Second Vanilla Ice Cream

30 Second Chocolate Ice cream

Soy Ice Creams (non-dairy)

30 Second Soy Strawberry Ice Cream
30 Second Pineapple Dole Whip

Sorbets (non-dairy,soy free)

30 Second Mixed Fruit Sorbet
30 Second Fruit And Carrot Sorbet

More Sorbet Recipes

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Best Healthy Ice Cream Recipes From Other Visitors

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Young coconut ice cream 
3 cups coconut milk or coconut cream 5 table spoons of stevia powder or add according to taste 3 drops of organic vanilla 1 cup of avalon or organic …

Jonnie's Breakfast Sorbet 
Half cup vanilla greek yogurt Half cup milk Half cup frozen banana Half cup frozen strawberry/blueberry mix One cup spinach One scoop vanilla protein …

Tropical Ice Cream  
1 cup low fat cottage cheese 2 1/2 cups of frozen mixed fruit (what I use is pineapple, mango, peaches, strawberries) Put in blender, use tamper and …

Peach Ice Cream 
4 very ripe peaches-cut in quarters, pits removed and frozen (keep skin on) 1/2 c. 2% milk 4 packets of splenda 1-2 T. honey 1 tsp. vanilla …

fat free Pear 'n' Prune ice cream 
1 cup skim milk 2 ripe pears (chopped and frozen overnight) 10 plump prunes (about 100g) 1 tsp mixed spice Blend in a Vitamix until smooth and enjoy! …

Strawberry Ice Cream 
I was actually incredibly surprised when I tasted this. Instead of using half and half or something similar, you use almond milk with agave syrup as a …

Pistachio Ice Cream 
I use your vanilla ice cream recipe (any one of them) and add pistachios to taste. I use about one cup and throw it all in the vita mix. Also, something …

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