Ben and Jerry's Creme Brulee

by Terrie McGauley
(Jacksonville, Florida)

First off my family would tell you NO ONE could love ICE CREAM more than their Mom (that being me). One of my favorite things about becoming an adult was that I could eat or have ice cream ANYTIME I WANTED. I could give up food all together...and just eat ice cream. Although being a mature adult with two grown children, I realize we need a well balanced diet to stay healthy. So I try to be sure in the mornings my ice cream has nuts and grains and lots of fresh fruits. Lol j/k. Truth is I will sneak a bite here and there sometimes during the day...WOW, I really got off track. Back to the question at hand.

Awhile back Ben and Jerry's came out with a Creme Brulee . My biggest mistake was finding it. I became totally obsessed with the flavor,the texture, the total pint package. My nightly ritual is ice cream, when I'm done for the day. My reward of sorts (even if I hadn't done any reward seeking activity). Kind of like have my ice cream, brush my teeth and go to bed. Well, I was ADDICTED for sure. ANYTIME it was on sell or not...if I could find it I bought ALL the store had.
Now for the past several months its been no where in sight. Like bam...NO MORE CREME BRULEE??? So, I bought myself an ice cream maker. I've yet to discover how the heck those guys did it...but they have saved my hubby $$$$ in ice cream funds. I'm now saving for a new ice cream machine with a compressor so I don't have to freeze the bowl and can make more than one attempt a day to conquer my OWN Creme Brulee recipe.
This was a happy story with a sad ending.
signed, Still Trying.

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Jul 06, 2013
Hoping to find this flavor
by: Mama Freak (Ice Cream Freaks)

Thanks for the recommendation of what sounds like a very addicting flavor of ice cream. If I'm ever lucky enough to find it, I'll have to try it.

Jan 04, 2014
Holy Grail of Ice Cream
by: Anonymous

O.K., I know it should go without saying here, but whenever someone figures out the recipe with the SAME TASTE as or BETTER than Ben & Jerry's Creme Brulee, please post!

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