"Mom, Can I Have Some
Ice Cream?"

Does this sound at all like your family? Well, it describes our family's ice cream obsession pretty well. Even our daughter who is allergic to milk is crazy about it! (She eats the soy kind.) We're all ice cream freaks.

We Love It, We Eat It, We Make it, We Buy It.
We Freak Out...

When It's All Gone!

In our family, consumption of this creamy dessert is a daily ritual. It's the first thing my kids ask for when they get home from school and it's the first thing they ask for after dinner.

Of course, as a mom,
I have to sometimes say no or they would eat it after every meal!

That's why I'm gonna start sneaking in some more vegetables into their diet. (Shhh...They won't even know it.)

Believe me,
there is a way to put them in your homemade recipes.

But...You must have a very powerful piece of equipment. (I'll tell you more about this "secret weapon" later).

If this is sounding all too familiar...

And you can't seem to get your fill,

You just might be an ice cream freak too.


Celebrate your obsession with us as you...

  • Read about its history.
  • Learn facts about it.
  • Explore the science of making it.
  • Get useful tips and entertainment from articles.
  • Try out our homemade recipes (including non dairy recipes).
  • Find coupons for your favorite brands.
  • Use our fun ideas in your next family activity (We'll also share some of our favorite experiences with this frozen delight).
  • Shop for an ice cream maker, a book, or any number of novelty gifts you're sure to enjoy.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you feel like family. You're always welcome here and we'd love to hear what you have to share.

Get ready to fill your favorite ice cream bowl...'cause here's the scoop.

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Easy Homemade Ice Cream Recipes
Creating your own homemade ice cream recipes is simple and fun for the whole family. Here's how to do it.
Soy Ice Cream Recipes
Soy ice cream recipes made right at home. Tasty, less expensive than store bought, and best of all...you control the ingredients.
Healthy Ice Cream Recipes
Learn to make healthy ice cream recipes at home in 30 seconds with what I call a "secret weapon" blender. Tasty, fast, and best of all...you control the ingredients.
Easy Gourmet Sorbet Recipes
Making delicious gourmet sorbet recipes at home is easier than you think. Why pay for it at the store when you can make healthy sorbet that tastes better too?
Recipes For Ice Cream Sundaes
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Ice Cream Dessert Recipes
Turn ice cream into something <i>more</i> wonderful with these ice cream dessert recipes. You'll find ice cream sandwiches, ice cream pie, and ice cream cake recipes that are worth a brain freeze
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You can read ice cream reviews by ice cream freaks who have tasted and typed about flavors of popular ice cream brands.
Ice Cream Book Reviews
Read these book reviews to discover some great ice cream themed books worth adding to your library.
Ice Cream Coloring Pages
Print these free coloring pages for your kids to color. They all have an ice cream theme and would be a great activity for an ice cream party.
Children Books About Ice Cream
Here are a list of children books about ice cream for your family to enjoy. Some childrens stories are written by visitors of ice cream freaks.com
Fun Party Games And Activities With An Ice Cream Theme
You'll have a blast with these ice cream party games and activities. There's something here for the whole family to enjoy.
Inventor Of Ice Cream
Help each student in your class become an inventor of ice cream with these fun writing projects. They offer creative ways to get to know each other better.
Snow Ice Cream Fun
Bring some fresh snow inside, add a few ingredients, and tadah...you've got snow ice cream. Make it today and create a memory your kids will always cherish.
Ice Cream Gifts And Ideas
Inexpensive ice cream gifts to make for the ice cream lovers in your family.
Fun Facts On Ice Cream
Learn some fun facts on ice cream and impress your friends and family. Even the "know it all's" will think you are so smart (or annoying, in my case).
Funny Poem About Ice Cream
Ever wish there was an ice cream diet? Here's a funny poem to entertain those thoughts a little.
Ice Cream Movie Scenes
Enjoy some great movie scenes that spotlight your favorite desserts...ice cream. Try my ice cream treat suggestions with each movie.

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